Biotrē™ - Compostable Packaging Material by PBi

Biotrē™ - Compostable Packaging Material by PBi



Our Biotrē™ product line started in 2011 as our starting point down the path of true sustainability, and our journey is far from over. At PBi we continue to expand our Biotrē™ films and with each film we develop we get closer to our simple goal; providing the industry with packaging that protects both product and the planet.


At TricorBraun Flex we are committed to pursuing sustainable packaging while offering structures that will protect your product. We are currently working on the next generation of sustainable options and are proud of our ongoing committment to our award winning Biotrē™ Packaging lines.

Read here for our 2018 Biotre Statement on marketing claims on packaging in the State of California (revised 9/25/2018).



Biotrē™ 1.0

Biotrē™ 1.0 has been available since 2011 and has become well-established as an earth-friendly packaging option for a variety of applications. 

  • Made from 60% (by weight) renewable plant based resources
  • 60% breaks down in to healthy compost using processes from OECD and conditions taken from ASTM standards
  • Earth friendly, heat sealable, barrier material
  • Available in all our Biotrē stock packaging lines.

The Evolution

Biotrē™ 1.0: 60% compostable/60% renewable, not including the valve.

Biotrē™ 2.0: 60% compostable/All renewable film layers and degassing valve body. Currently available in our custom packaging.

Biotrē™ 3.0: Under Development: Majority of film layers are made from plant based sources. Curbside compostable per ASTM.

Biotrē Stock Packaging Formats

Biotre packaging comes in three different formats, ranging in size from 8 oz to 2 lbs. Whatever you are packaging, TricorBraun Flex has an environmentally friendly option for you! 

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