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Degassing Valves

At TricorBraun Flex, our valve fabrication remains the core of our manufacturing enterprise and like other areas of our business, has grown. We have worked diligently and are constantly auditing our practices, improving our quality, expanding our valve technology and product offering. Today, TricorBraun Flex offers several different sizes and multiple styles to run on the most popular application machinery on the market.





Valve Functionality

TricorBraun Flex one-way degassing valves are designed to allow pressure to be released from an airtight package while not allowing external atmosphere (i.e. air with 20.9% O2) to enter the package. A one-way degassing valve is useful for packaging products that are sensitive to oxygen and moisture and also release gas or entrapped air. The one-way degassing valve can be attached to a flexible package to relieve pressure built up in the package while protecting the interior contents from the damaging effects of oxygen and moisture.

When pressure inside a sealed package increases beyond the valve opening pressure, a rubber disk in the valve momentarily opens to allow gas to escape
out of the package.  As gas is released and the pressure inside the package drops below the valve close pressure, the valve closes.

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European Valve Distributor: FPM Solution

If you are located in Europe, please contact our exclusive European distributor of our one-way degassing valves, FPM Solutions.


Open/Release Mode

(Releasing CO2 emitted from coffee)
This drawing is a cross section of a premade coffee bag with a one-way valve in the open/release mode. When pressure inside a sealed package increases beyond the valve opening pressure, the seal between the rubber disc and the valve body is momentarily interrupted and pressure can escape out of the package.

Air-Tight Closed Position

The CO2 pressure released from the fresh roasted coffee beans is low; therefore the valve is closed with an air-tight seal.

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Valve Applications

  • Fresh roasted coffee which generates gas inside the bag and also needs protection from oxygen and moisture.
  • Various specialty foods that have active ingredients such as yeast and cultures.
  • Large bulk flexible packages which require the release of excess air from packages for palletization (e.g.  33 lbs. pet food, resin, etc.)
  • Other flexible packages with polyethylene (PE) interior that require one-way release of pressure from inside the package.

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