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How to Package Different Coffee Products
How to Package Different Coffee Products

Are you looking for an innovative way to make your coffee product stand out on the shelf? Check out how to package different coffee products.

Coffee is an evergreen market that always seems to renew itself every ten years or so with enthusiasm and innovations. Unsurprisingly, many an entrepreneurial spirit is taking up their culinary skills and jumping on the latest trend of artisan coffee. However, there is more to the market than just buying and roasting beans. How to package different coffee products is a serious question every business must ask themselves. Fortunately, there are options available for any business’s unique needs.

Traditional Packaging

Coffee is nothing new on the market and most of us are very familiar with the usual packaging options. Typically, companies opt for a specialty tin, side gusseted bags, or block bottom bags. The latter tends to be more appealing and gives the impression of a unique and gourmet item.

Block bottom bags have long been king in the coffee world and most all more creative options still feature an upright standing shape that features a variation on a rectangular bottom and upright shape. There are many materials available for coffee bags including metallized polyester, compostable options, and foil.

Flexible Size Options

For businesses that offer a variety of weight options for their coffee, flexible choices save money. Rather than buy a specific package for every size, packaging that can be folded to accommodate different products is more efficient. We offer a variety of clever formats and configurations at TricorBraun Flex, such as printed block bottom bags ranging from 2oz. to 5lb. sizes. Block bags feature a hermetic heat seal that protects the product from bursting and shipping damage. They also feature a degassing valve which is a key feature to retaining freshness in coffee.

Premium Packaging

Ultimately, how to package different coffee products comes down to what the product is. For small-batch, special roasts and flavor variations, and other special selections, the packaging must match. If you want your high-quality products to stand out, head straight for the packaging that will look good and keep the coffee as fresh as the day it was roasted. We offer a wide range of bags designed to be sturdy and protect your product in a safe seal.

Explore our range of colors and textures, as well as the many variations such as built-in degassing valves, gusseted and non-gusseted, and metalized or not.  The most popular choice for coffee is often a block bottom bag or a gusset side bag. These elegant but simple packages are instantly recognizable as containers of quality beverages and let customers know in a glance that your product is worth buying.

Regardless of the type of coffee product, a business needs to ship, TricorBraun Flex has a wide variety of options. We take pride in producing quality packaging solutions that will work for every coffee producer.