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Thank You Green Coffee Association
Thank You Green Coffee Association

By: Robert Hepburn, Vice President of Sales

I just recently attended the Green Coffee Association Convention in Miami, and wanted to thank they association for a wonderful convention.  

For those who don’t know about the group, the Green Coffee Association is a trade association that provides resources and other benefits for individuals and companies dealing with the export, transport, storage, insuring, financing, importing, trading and/or roasting of green coffee.  

They are fantastic to work with and their members are friendly and accommodating.   Doreen Madigan the Corporate Secretary of the Association was absolutely fabulous to work with.  Thank you Doreen!

Their guest speakers were professional and informative.   As a guy from the packaging industry who has spent the past 18 years working with roasted coffee, I find the interworking’s of the green coffee trade fascinating.

I really suggest anyone in the in the Green Coffee trade, attend the show.  

You can find a link to their website at: