The Best Packaging for Dry Foods

The Best Packaging for Dry Foods
The Best Packaging for Dry Foods

When it comes to packaging dry food goods, the choices of containers can seem endless. Compared to liquid goods, they can be packed in much more expressive packages. Aesthetic variations aside, the best packaging for dry foods generally comes down to five choices. Knowing these types of packaging and their features will help you to better decide which is right for your goods.

Stand-up Pouches

A favorite across many niches of food suppliers, stand-up pouches have stood the test of time. These high-quality bags typically feature a resealable zipper and a flat marquise shape bottom. The sides are sealed face to face with the bottom gusset, creating a stable footprint that helps the bag retain its upright position. They’re available in a wide range of materials, including barrier films that will retain freshness for a long time.

Pillow Packs

These bags are an economical solution for packaging short runs of goods. Pillow packs are also known as a three-sided seal bag and feature a single open side into which goods are filled. The final side is heat-sealed. Often these bags are used for grab snacks, impulse buys, and as a way to offer convenient sample packs.

Tin-Tie Bags

Tin-tie bags have a square or rectangular flat bottom, allowing them stay in a convenient upright position once filled. They are attractive, rustic packages ideal for transporting dry products, although generally lack the high barrier properties required for long-term product storage. Tin-tie paper bags are very popular with bakeries and cafes as an attractive package for freshly made ready-to-eat goods.

Gusseted Bags

A variety of flat bottom bags, these packages differ by including a side gusset fold. This feature allows for different sizes and amounts of goods to fit inside of a handy package. Typically gusset bags are used for easy display of goods, and once the bottom is weighted with items, it will stay in an upright position. Often these bags are made from medium to high barrier laminations, which are also heat-sealable material.

Block Bottom Bags

Virtually all shoppers are familiar with the promise of quality invoked by block bottom bags. These famous bags are most commonly used to defend coffee from the elements and retain freshness. Their main feature is the reinforced bottom which lets the bag stay upright whether empty or while being filled. This makes them easy to store merchandise. With a resealable option like pocket zippers and tin ties, block bottom bags are easily among the best packaging for dry foods.

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