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The Stand-Up Pouch vs. Block Bottom Bag
The Stand-Up Pouch vs. Block Bottom Bag

By: Kyle Knott, Senior Accounts Manager

Picking out the right packaging format can be tricky. You need to attract a large amount of customers in a short amount of time. Your package needs to be your “spokesman” on the store shelf. It should distinguish you from your competition, as well as convey the quality of the product inside.

Two of the most common formats used for packaging pet food are the Stand Up Pouch and Block Bottom Bag.


Stand-Up Pouch

Custom printed foil stand up pouches for pet foodThe stand-up pouch has been the “go-to” bag for several decades. When it was introduced, it revolutionized the packaging market. It came standard with a zipper, tear notch and you could add a hang hole if you desired. No more header cards. In addition to the consumer friendly features, it offers two large panels (front and back) for printing. And most importantly, it stands up!


Different bottom gussets?

Bottom gusset styles for the stand up pouchThere are two different bottom gussets used when manufacturing the stand-up pouch, Doyen and Plow bottom. The weight of the product going inside the bag will determine which style of bottom we recommend using.  The doyen bottom is used for lighter weights, usually 2oz-1lb, while the plow bottom is utilized for 2lbs & up.
The stand-up pouch is often the cheaper of the two formats.



Block Bottom Bags

Block bottom bag illustrationThe block bottom bag (also referred to as “flat bottom bag”) is the next evolution in packaging. Utilizing all of the best features of the stand up pouch and quad seal bag, the block bottom bag is unique in that, it gives you 360 degrees of real estate for printing your company information, logo, feeding instructions, etc. Whether the bag is standing up or lying flat, the block bottom bag is designed to get your product noticed at every angle.


Side Panels

Side panels on a side gusseted bagThe side panels of the block bottom bag are made from a separate web of material. This means they can be made out of an entirely different substrate than the front, back and bottom of the bag, I.e. Clear. This can give you an edgy look over the traditional square or oval window on the front or back of the bag.


Pocket Zipper

Pocket zipper, zipper closure system for the block bottom bagThe pocket zipper offers the convenience of a zipper with the benefit of easy filling. However, you have several other zipper options available as well. You can read more about the zippers here.