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Flat barrier pouches serve as perfect packaging options for gift packs, roasted coffee packaging, dry food items, pet foods, and many more types of products. Flat pouch packaging is easy to use, completely resealable, and reliably keeps moisture out of your product. Our team is fully equipped and ready to partner with your business to become your trusted flexible packaging supplier. For more information about our offerings, contact TricorBraun Flex today and learn about our convenient wholesale flat pouch options. We provide pouches in multiple sizes and formats available to pick from. You can rest assured that no matter what product you offer, we’ll have the perfect packaging solutions for you.

GreenLine: High Barrier Bulk Bags
  • GreenLine: High Barrier Bulk Bags

GreenLine: High Barrier Bulk Bags

Item #: 950-100
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29-1/2 x 51" (face x height)

GreenLine by TricorBraun Flex are clear high-barrier hermetic plastic bags used to protect dry agricultural commodity products such as green coffee, cocoa or tea from exposure to moisture, oxygen, and other external contaminants. It is designed to be used as a liner in an outer jute or plastic woven sack and closed with a twist tie.

GreenLine bags are designed to protect green coffee from absorbing moisture, in turn preventing the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and molds.  In addition to protecting against moisture, they also protect against oxygen transmission, which can create product rancidity and loss of important flavor components. Oxidation can also result in the development of off-flavors which give products undesirable sour or bitter tastes.

Protect and ensure the quality of your green coffee or dry agricultural products with TricorBraun Flex GreenLine bags today. 

     • Holds up to 70 kilograms of green beans. Maximum capacity varies with bean size.
     • Zip tie included

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