Jerky Flat Pouches - Clear/Solid

Jerky Flat Pouches - Clear/Solid


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Jerky Flat Pouches - Clear/Solid

Jerky Flat Pouches - Clear/Solid

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    By Stian Myraas On May 4, 2020

    A good bag for a small Jerky company

    I ordered this bag for my small, local beef jerky company to hold 3oz of product each. When ordering oxygen absorbers, the company Multisorb checked the specifications and said this was a good barrier, but still recommended 100cc absorbers for 9-12 month storage. The front has held my sticker label quite well. The bag is durable and seals easily and tight with my cheap, standard heat sealer. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling as smudging is easy to do. My biggest complaint with this bag is that after you rip the top off, customers often have trouble grabbing ahold of the exposed edges in order to pull and separate the zipper. My only other complaint is that the silver color does not fit the color scheme of my branding, and there are no other colors available.

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