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Cylnder Tin w/ Valve (slip-in gasket lid)

Cylnder Tin w/ Valve (slip-in gasket lid)

Item #: 271296 Legacy Item #: 200-450SCV
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4 1/2 (length) x 6" (height)
Distinctive and attractive, Specialty Tins give a unique touch to your product line. Tin packaging enhances the buying experience by giving your customer a lasting reminder of your brand. This tin is unique and has a one-way degassing valve at the bottom. TricorBraun Flex one-way degassing valves are designed to allow pressure to be released from an airtight package while not allowing external atmosphere (i.e. air with 20.9% O2) to enter the package. A one-way degassing valve is useful for packaging products that are sensative to oxygen and moisture and also release gas or entrapped air. [@[Product Name]]

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