2 lb Biotre Side Gusseted Bag w/ Valve

Side Gusseted Bags

Side gusset bags are named for the gusset, or fold, on either side of the bag. The gussets expand when the package is filled with product, while the weight of the contents holds the bag upright.

At TricorBraun Flex, we make a full line of stock bags to accommodate most coffee roasts, as well as products sensitive to water vapor and oxygen. TricorBraun Flex foil gusseted bags come with or without our one-way degassing valves. Many of our side gusset bag options feature "easy-peel" film for customer convenience.

Side gusset bags from TricorBraun Flex are available in a variety of seal options to include bottom seal, center back seal, side back seal and quad seal in sizes up to 40lbs/18.1kg.

2 lb Biotre Side Gusseted Bag w/ Valve

2 lb Biotre Side Gusseted Bag w/ Valve

Item #: 271418 Legacy Item #: 360-500
  • Biotre
  • White Kraft
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5 1/8 (face) x 3 1/8 (gusset) x 15" (height)
TricorBraun Flex spent over two years in developing the Biotre Film, an earth-friendly, heat sealable, barrier material. Biotre Film is made from 60% (by weight) renewable wood pulp. The wood pulp portion is biodegradable. Third party testing per ASTM tests D-6868 and D-6400 confirmed that nearly all of the wood pulp portion will disintegrate into healthy compost over 84 days in a backyard, home composting environment. The remaining 40% (by weight) of the bag is Polyethylene (PE) with an additive that is designed to make it disintegrate significantly faster than standard plastic.

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