Specialty Food Packaging | Jerky Packaging | Granola

Specialty Food

Specialty food and natural products encompasses a wide array of goods and has grown into a vast global market. At TricorBraun Flex we are proud to offer a large selection of packaging options to help you navigate that market.

Specialty Food & Natural Products Packaging

When packaging specialty food and natural products, understanding the importance of food grade packaging is

 critical. Full traceability, consistent manufacturing practices, and a recognized quality control process is vital. Is your packaging provider GMP Certified?

They are if you purchase from TricorBraun Flex.

Jerky Packaging

TricorBraun Flex understands the importance of barrier packaging for jerky. We offer stock and custom printed laminated pouches that will fit your packaging needs. Our stock line carries jerky bags in a variety of sizes that will ship from our warehouse within 24-48 hours. We also have several custom printing options and customizable features that will help your brand stand out from the others and display your product.

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Candy & Snacks Packaging

Whether you’re an established confectionary company, or a new business owner getting creative in your kitchen, our packaging lines offer the variety you need to create a professional and sleek looking final product.

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Nuts & Dried Fruit

With the increase in healthy snack demand, the nut and dried fruit market is becoming more and more competitive. Our packaging lines offer the variety you need to create a professional and sleek looking final product that will grab your customers attention. We provide stock bags in a large variety of sizes with minimum order quantities starting at a single case. We also offer several different custom printing options including Digital and Gravure printing. 

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Baking Products and Powders

Baking products such as flour, spices, and granola are products that most households have stocked in their kitchens. For products like flour, it is very important to use barrier packaging that will protect your product from outside factors that will make your product go rancid – like moisture. Whether you want a stock bag or custom printed packaging, we are equipped to handle your packaging needs.

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