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Spouted Pouches

TB Flex is excited to offer our spouted flexible packaging options for your liquid products!

Spouted pouches are becoming more prevalent across a variety of markets due to advances in flexible packaging materials and an increasingly wide variety of convenient spouts & fitments available. Spout pouches are typically used to package liquid substances, and protect against external factors like light and oxygen. Contact Us for more information!


We offer various spout options:

See chart, let us know what works with your filling equipment. Can be supplied on rails if equipment dictates.



Pouch sizes up to 2 liters:

If you have a filler you are contracted with (or do your own filling) we can supply you flexible packaging material to run on the equipment, be sure to contact your TricorBraun Packaging Consultant to  discuss the following:

  • All filling equipment specs

  • All packaging specs

    • Is it rollstock or premade?

    • If premade what is the specific format? (format, dimensions, material, fitment, spout, cap, rails where applicable, etc.)

    • Fill thru the spout or fill thru the pouch?