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Flexible Packaging | Wholesale Coffee Bags | TricorBraun Flex


The Evolution of Biotre

Biotrē™ 1.0: 60% compostable/60% renewable, not including the valve.

Biotrē™ 2.0: 60% compostable/All renewable film layers and degassing valve body. Currently available in our custom packaging.

Biotrē™ 3.0: Under Development: Majority of film layers are made from plant based sources. Curbside compostable per ASTM.

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Customer Story: Market Lane Coffee

"We’re super excited to introduce our new Market Lane coffee bags! We are committed to running our business as sustainably as we can while always offering the freshest, highest quality coffee possible. Our in-depth research and high standards – and the development of new technologies – have finally led us to these Biotre bags, which are made from plant-based materials and preserve the freshness of the coffee inside."

- Fleur Studd, Director at Market Lane Coffee

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