What does the lead-time of a custom printed project entail?

Our lead-time for new bags is 10-12 weeks from paper proof approval. The etching of cylinders and tear sample color approval process is included within our lead-time. It takes about 2-2.5 weeks to receive a tear sample after proof approval. Air shipping typically cuts about 3 weeks off the 10-12 week lead-time.

How many colors can I use when building the artwork?

Typically 8 colors is the standard for most custom art projects. 7 colors is the maximum for printing on kraft paper, rice paper, and tins.  This includes spot and process colors.

Is it better to build artwork using process colors or Pantone colors?

It is always better to use Pantone colors if possible. Pantone colors provide a specific color match, and are more consistent from run to run. Process colors should only be used when there aren’t enough cylinders available for the number of colors used in the artwork, such as photo images. We will consolidate and/or add colors as needed to make the best use of the art and keep the colors to the least possible number of required cylinders.

Where can a professional grade color accurate proof be obtained?

What is the difference between a digital proof, paper proof, drawdown, and tear sample?

A digital proof is sent in PDF form through our online proofing system.  The paper proof is full scale copy of the artwork printed on professional proofing paper or film, which may or may not be color accurate. It is used primarily for copy and placement approval. Drawdowns are color samples of spot (pantone) colors used to demonstrate how colors will appear on different substrates. Tear samples are color accurate samples of the artwork printed on the substrate (material) that the final product will be printed on. TricorBraun Flex can provide tear samples with matte, glossy, metallic, and registered finishes.

What does the word “Registered” mean?

The word “registered” is a printing term which refers to the alignment of the cylinders. For example, when referring to “registered matte” or “registered white”, we are saying that the matte or white is partially printed on the bag as opposed to a flood (100%) application of matte or white print.

How will the color be affected by adding matte over lacquer?

The colors will become denser or less bright when adding matte lacquer. The effect of the matte can vary drastically depending on the color used. For example, if matte is added to black, the color will appear more of a dark gray than a true black.

Is it better to use a registered white layer or a metallic ink in order to achieve a metallic look?

A registered white layer can be used to create a metallic look as any areas not backed in white will allow the metalized structure to show through. Metallic inks are used on non-metallic bags.

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