Reasons To Choose Sustainable Coffee Packaging

A close-up image of a Biotre 3.0 bag

Reasons To Choose Sustainable Coffee Packaging A close-up image of a Biotre 3.0 bag

For most of us, coffee is part of our daily lives, and while we may not think of it, chances are even we go through a significant amount each month. Though it may seem like a small amount of waste compared to many other packages and products that enter our homes, the real trouble becomes obvious when looking at the scale of global consumption.

All across the world, coffee is enjoyed by people every day. For most coffee producers and roasters, the sheer volume of waste entering landfills is one of the biggest reasons to choose sustainable coffee packaging.

The Difficulties of Packaging Coffee

When it comes to coffee packaging, striking a balance between environmental sustainability and protecting the quality of your roasted coffee can be a difficult task. Beyond preventing air and moisture from entering, the package seals must also be sturdy enough to resist internal pressure increases caused by the release of gases following the roasting process. Primarily, a bag’s strength comes from the material, which is composed of several layers of laminated films.

What’s more, most coffee bags also feature a degassing valve with a dual purpose. One-way degassing valves allow bags of fresh roasted coffee to purge carbon dioxide gas released following the roasting process, while preventing oxygen from getting back in and degrading the quality of the coffee.

Creating Compostable Solutions

Standard laminations suitable for coffee packaging consist of materials that are neither compostable nor recyclable, but alternatives are becoming increasingly available. The use of environmentally friendly materials such as unbleached Kraft paper goes a long way to reduce the use of energy, water and chemical inputs required in the manufacturing of other packaging materials. 

Even more so, Biotre material is designed to be almost entirely compostable and removes a majority of the packaging material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Our latest version of Biotre compostable material is made from nearly 100 percent plant-based renewable inputs to include the degassing valve. For example, we have compostable pouch bags.

Why Seek Sustainable Options?

One of the biggest reasons to choose sustainable coffee packaging is as mentioned: non-sustainable options contribute to waste around the world. Coffee is the second-highest traded commodity in the world following crude oil. Based on sheer trade volume and consumption of coffee, efforts are continually being made to improve sustainability throughout the life cycle of the product.

The industry needs a packaging option to ensure that coffee is reliably grown, consumed, and waste is disposed of in a sustainable manner, minimizing environmental impact. New recycling initiatives, such as those spearheaded by How2Recycle, work to educate businesses and consumers on the state of recycling in America today, as well as the importance of recyclable and compostable solutions. With increased education and the development of compostable options like Biotre and recycling options like How2Recycle, the future of coffee as a more environmentally friendly product is very bright.

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