The Benefits of Paper Tin-Tie Bag Packaging

An image of 3 paper tin-tie bags

The Benefits of Paper Tin-Tie Bag Packaging An image of 3 paper tin-tie bags

Choosing the right packaging for products can be tricky. However, there are a few types of flexible packaging that are useful in many applications. One such option is the paper tin-tie bag, which sees use in many industries and is particularly prominent among small-batch specialty goods producers. The benefits of paper tin-tie bags include an easily usable design, customer familiarity, and significant affordability.

Customer Accessibility

What makes paper tin-tie bags especially valuable is the benefits conferred to the end-users. Simply put, they’re easy to use and provide an economical packaging option for many of the products we buy and consume every day. Primarily, paper tin-tie bags are used as a low-cost means to transport a given product from the point of purchase to a home or business. In other words, these bags are best applied for quick use and as a direct delivery method.

Generally, they are used in short deliveries from one business to another in which transit hazards are not a concern or from a business directly to a customer. Businesses that use self-service areas and ready-to-go purchases, such as selections out of a case, especially make use of paper tin-tie bags.

Product Familiarity

Of the benefits of paper tin-tie bag packaging, familiarity is a major advantage. When many people think of tin ties, their imagination likely takes them to the coffee aisle. Shelves lined with wonderful high-quality beverages offered in the iconic fold-to-reseal tin-tie coffee bags. Paper tin-tie bags lack the benefit of lamination that other bags have, meaning, despite visual similarities, this type of bag lacks moisture and air-resistant barriers.

Customers will know that anything not used immediately needs to be transferred to an alternative container. The recognition of their finite use is what makes them such a popular choice for businesses offering self-serve ground and whole bean premium coffees.

A Reliable Option at a Low Cost

Without a doubt, the real selling point for many businesses is the cost. Paper tin-tie bags in large wholesale quantities cost significantly less than other high barrier packaging options. As noted, the economical price is a factor of the limited applications. Besides only being valuable for temporary transportation, the lack of barrier lamination makes these bags vulnerable to any products with higher moisture content or oily textures. Many businesses still make great use of these inexpensive bags by adding wax paper liners or similar solutions, as the price and convenience are tough to beat.

What’s more, they are customizable to a degree without altering the low price. Unsurprisingly, adding a complex marketing design to a tin-tie bag isn’t as impactful or cost-effective. However, simple branding and generic designs are quite effective. Many brands opt for pressure sensitive labels or stamps to decorate plain bags, but plenty chooses to add a minimal splash of color to keep all outgoing goods on-brand.

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