The Stand-Up Pouch Manufacturing Process

An image of a package of granola

The Stand-Up Pouch Manufacturing Process An image of a package of granola

When it comes to practicality and convenience, look no further than stand-up pouches. Easy to grab, often resealable, and easy to stock, these pouches are popular with retailers and customers. What makes them so unique when compared to similar types of bags is the way they're put together. The stand-up pouch manufacturing process involves a special design that allows these bags to remain upright much better than other types.

A Look Inside

The heart of any type of flexible packaging is in the film lamination. Typically, stand-up zipper pouch bags have as few as a single layer and up to as many as four layers of film that are bonded together into one laminated construction. The innermost layer is typically a food-grade polyethylene that can be heat-sealed shut to help ensure your goods stay safe and fresh. At the center of the lamination is commonly a thin layer of aluminum foil or metallized polyester that provides oxygen and vapor barrier properties.

The outermost layer is the part that carries the item’s marketing information and varies depending on needs. Typically, this variety of bags will be constructed of polyester (either matte or gloss) or natural kraft paper. Additional features, such as zipper closures, are generally made from food-grade polyethylene as well. Our selection includes a wide array of foils in different colors, all ready for branding. We also carry natural Kraft and compostable Biotre pouches for a more rustic look.

Basics of Construction

Once the lamination has cured, the next step is to slit the material down to whatever width is required in the manufacturing process for a given pouch. Many of our stand-up pouches includes a useful resealable zipper, making it a practical design for customers and ideal for items intended for more than one use.

The real difference in stand-up zipper pouch bags is its number of practical uses for exit packaging and its stability on the shelf. By design, the bottom gusset forms an ovular shape; the seal is stiff and creates a stable lip around the bottom of the bag. The result is a very sturdy footprint on shelves, making it easy to merchandise and shop for the product in question.

TricorBraun Flex specializes in stocking high-quality stand-up pouches ideal for a wide variety of uses and end needs. Looking for a one-of-a-kind solution? Call today and ask about our custom designs made by our skilled engineering team, or inquire about any of our stock packaging options on offer, all available to ship same day. With over thirty years of experience providing top-quality solutions, we’re ready and able to help your business find the perfect package.

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