Ways To Make Your Product Packaging More Sustainable

A close-up image of a Biotre 3.0 bag

Ways To Make Your Product Packaging More Sustainable A close-up image of a Biotre 3.0 bag

Public awareness is always at the forefront of a company’s decision-making. Over the last decade, green practices have gained ever-increasing importance in the global conscience. As creators and innovators, entrepreneurs are asked to adapt to this shift in goals. As a leader in worldwide packaging manufacturing and distribution, this is also a crucial topic for our team. Businesses across the globe are looking for intelligently designed packaging that serves the same function as prior forms, but that conforms to rising demands for ecological responsibility, as well.

Our business has been producing packaging for decades and has closely followed these key social trends from the beginning. We have the experience and expertise to help your business broach the changes needed to conform to better sustainability practices. To help ease yourself into the change, we recommend investigating what sustainability means to your business, as well as assessing packaging efficiency, materials, and customers' responsibility and response goals.

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainability invites a diverse discussion on ways to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment. Often, sustainability refers to more green techniques in the manufacturing and disposal of goods and supplies. The overarching idea is to reduce various types of pollution through more efficient processes. While there are a few key overlapping points, sustainability is not an interchangeable idea with organics-focused goals.

There are many ways to approach this goal through packaging. Packages can reflect both organic and sustainable trends. The former tends to focus on materials used to produce packaging, while the latter extends to every aspect of design, from weight and size to signals sent to the customer via labeling.

Many businesses can move toward higher sustainability by making small changes to their product packaging design. As experts in packaging, TricorBraun Flex is ready and able to field all your questions. We are ready to help your company move toward cleaner solutions and address waste through strategic packaging design.

Make Efficient Packaging Choices

One of the first ways to make your product packaging more sustainable is to carefully assess its efficiency. Many products can and do become packaged in one-size-fits-all pouches and pillow packs. Aside from being a wasted opportunity to stand out with a unique package design, these choices often result in wasted material and space. As a leader in packaging, we work hand in hand with each business to create the perfect package and brand it to match the business and the one-of-a-kind goods they offer.

We do not believe in wasteful designs and shortcuts. Instead, we invite entrepreneurs to open a discussion with our expert package designers to cut away the excess. Our engineering team is more than qualified to design and create custom packaging that fits its contents exactly. Efficient packaging emphasizes specifications such as material type, makeup, functionality, weight, and a snug fit that doesn’t waste any space.

Using Alternative Materials

Different materials have a significant impact on the true sustainability of a package. That is why businesses are called to review their previous packaging choices and find ways to reduce waste. Traditional materials can be made more sustainable by utilizing recycling. Utilizing fully recycled items or packages made of partially recycled material are popular ways that many entrepreneurs are approaching an ecologically cleaner operation.

TricorBraun Flex also offers an exclusive compostable packaging material called BiotreTM. One of our most popular products is the compostable BiotreTM block bottom bag, featuring a degassing valve, most commonly used for packaging whole bean coffee. The latest available version is made using 60 percent (by weight) renewable plant-based resources, which includes our BiotreTM RENEW degassing valves.

We provide a unique packaging solution to support coffee roasters and producers who want to emphasize a sustainable message throughout all aspects of their offerings. We are dedicated to expanding our BiotreTM and other environmentally-friendly packaging lines and have even more advanced compostable coffee bags currently in development.

Sharing the Responsibility

Another effective way to make your product packaging more sustainable is to enlist the help of your business’s customers. A percentage of regular customers are actively concerned about sustainability and are interested in options that support these goals. This is true for virtually any product or business. Many of your customers may already be actively engaged with sustainable practices by engaging in informed consumerism and choosing to recycle waste. For these customers, supporting a business that expresses ecological concerns is a major selling point. Similarly, you can encourage other customers through education about the importance of supporting a business that upholds these modern values.

One of the first decisions a business can make to encourage customer participation takes place through the packaging itself. Our team of package innovators is ready to help you emphasize your brand’s sustainability goals, beginning with an appropriate packaging format, size, and material choice that minimizes environmental impact. Informed customers will actively select brands whose packaging explains why it is the greener option, and the environmental benefits it offers. Packages can also feature a call to action to boost the chance of the end customer composting. Bringing attention to material choices such as BiotreTM emphasizes the active choices a business makes to utilize environmentally-friendly packaging.

TricorBraun Flex has been manufacturing quality packaging solutions for 30 years. We specialize in flexible packaging solutions for a broad array of industries, including food, beverages, and pet supplies. Our specialty is in excellent packaging for coffee, featuring our block bottom bags with advanced degassing valve technology, including our advanced plant-based BiotreTM technology. We understand the need to move toward a more sustainable future and are here to help businesses do just that. It is our mission to manufacture outstanding packaging and help take the burden of worrying about sustainability off the shoulders of busy entrepreneurs. Reach out to us today and speak with one of our highly trained representatives. Our team of dedicated designers and engineers will listen to your company’s unique needs to bring your ideal and ecologically responsible packaging to life.

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