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The Different Types of Flexible Packaging
The Different Types of Flexible Packaging

When it comes to flexible packaging, the options are endless. Flexible packaging is mostly used for sealing in the freshness of edible products or other products that otherwise have a finite shelf life. The qualities of a product and the branding goals of each business will ultimately decide which of the different types of flexible packaging will work best. However, there is always some wiggle room for creativity and standing out with a unique packaging choice.

As a reliable and longtime supplier of flexible packaging options, TricorBraun Flex offers a range of all the best packaging types in a variety of materials in design, in addition to custom options. Whether it’s a roasted coffee bean business in need of a trusted wholesale coffee bag supplier or any other business in need, we have you covered with the goods and knowledge to help you make an informed packaging decision for your goods.

Pillow Packs

One of the more common varieties of flexible packaging is simple pillow packs. These are tube-shaped and sealed at one end. They lay flat and are typically square or rectangular shaped. A product is inserted in the opened end, after which the pillow pack is sealed. Depending on the nature of the product, a vacuum seal can be used to increase product longevity. Pillow packs are seen in almost every industry as a cheap and easy way to bind assortments of items together in an air-tight and simple seal. Gasses left in the pouch also allow pillow packs to act as built-in cushioning in addition to helping retain freshness. A shipment of pillow packs greatly reduces the chances any product will become damaged by putting some room between the product and edges of the shipping container. With all these benefits, it is easy to see why many companies opt for this simple and inexpensive package.

Gusseted Pouches

When “one size fits all” does not fit a product, gusseted bags are a lifesaver. The main detail that ties them all together is one or more sides featuring a fold or gusset. As the product is packed into a gusseted package, the bag unfolds to allow more room. Depending on the number of items shipped, the fold variation ensures the product always fits snuggly without too much or too little extra room. Also, gusseted bags have a rustic charm and add just a bit more visual interest to a package. Gusseted bags are ideal for offering multiple values of weight or count of a product with the same familiar package. As such, they make for excellent multifunctional packaging.

Block Bottom Bags

Of all the different types of flexible packaging, block bottom bags are some of the most familiar. These are upright packages that stand on their own due to a folded square bottom. They too come in a variety of materials. Customers will instantly recognize this familiar package as the receptacle of choice for their favorite morning beverage. Depending on the need, these pouches can have either a tin tie or a pocket zipper as a means of reclosing the bag once opened. The product is poured in the top and sealed as appropriate to retain freshness.

For coffee products, companies traditionally opt for tie tins or a pocket zipper, allowing the consumer to easily close and re-seal any unused product left in the package. These bags have a very old-fashioned look that hearkens to hand-crafted and small-batch products. This can be a great marketing angle, especially for coffee brands looking to invoke such emotions with premium options of ground and whole bean coffee.

Occasionally, block bottom bags can also have gusseted sides and claim all the benefits of that type of packaging as well. In general, block bottom bags are an all-around good choice for products stocked in big box stores, as well as for e-commerce stores. The rectangular shape of the bag makes shipping large or small quantities simple, as packed flat bottom bags fit snuggly together.

Stand-Up Pouches

Next to block bottom bags, stand-up pouches are likely the next most familiar to customers. Something of a cross between the former and pillow packs, stand-up pouches feature the best of both worlds. They are easy to display due to their ability to stand but are also less rigid in shape once packed, allowing for different display methods, such as grab bins or and shelf hooks. Stand-up pouches are very shelf-stable, however they are less popular because of their width and less favorable footprint on a shelf.

They are often used to cater to small servings which invokes a similar premium quality. However, they can come in as large as 3lb packaging for various dry goods, such as powdered pancake mix. Almost all feature a reusable zip lock, making them more convenient for end customer use and for the purpose of maintaining freshness. The broad front and back sides of these packages also allow for a lot of branding layouts. For products that customers want to see before they buy, transparent plastic is a great choice of material. Additionally, stand-up pouches are made with gusseted bottoms, ensuring stability regardless of how spacious the inserted product is.

Tin Tie Bags

A cousin of the block bottom bag, the integrated tin tie is a convenient feature for self-service products or single-serve items. Often, they are made of a material that is easy for customer disposal, such as paper. Most come in a flat bottom shape but don’t typically offer the high barrier to oxygen and moisture that other materials and bag formats do. Thus, they are more like a standard paper bag, but with the advantage of a more reliable seal. The tin tie confers a more professional close than simply crumpling down the top of a bag. This makes for a more premium experience for the customer who will receive their product in an easy-to-carry tote. Also, tin tie bags may feature a transparent window through which a product can be inspected.

Every product is unique. We get that at TricorBraun Flex, and we are committed to finding the best packaging solutions at the best price to fit your business needs. We offer a wide array of packaging solutions in different sizes and materials, as well as custom options for truly innovative and unique products and marketing plans. With over thirty years in the business, you can rest assured that we have the know-how to get any product packaged perfectly for sale in any market.

The Different Types of Flexible Bag Packaging